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Country Pancake House // Ridgewood, NJ

Last week, a couple of my coworkers were in town for a business event. I love when people are in town because it gives me an excuse to try out new restaurants. We all decided that we wanted breakfast for dinner (one of my all time favorites!) so I scoped out a few restaurants near our event space. Turns out Country Pancake House was the perfect place. Little did we know that we should have ordered one dish and all shared it. So we ended up having three ginormous plates of food to eat (and share).

2014-01-29 19.55.19

I ordered the blueberry banana pancakes. You can get one giant one or four “regular” pancakes. I say regular but they are honestly the size of hubcaps! I ate one.

2014-01-29 19.55.23

We also ordered the triple berry french toast. Holy moly. It’s like a loaf of bread cut into three pieces. I couldn’t believe the slices were cooked all the way through. They were and it was delicious!
You can see below that our third dish was a chicken and broccoli cheese crepe, which was really delicious as well.

2014-01-29 19.56.11Someone’s excited for dinner!

Oh and btw – I didn’t even mention the cornbread basket that was brought to the table after we ordered. So much food and the price was great. The joint is cash only, but they have an ATM on-site. Ridgewood is also an adorable town with a ton of shops and restaurants. I’ll definitely be back to Country Pancake House and Ridgewood!

Country Pancake House // 140 E Ridgewood Ave, Ridgewood, NJ 07450