Sochi 2014


I’m a super-huge fan of the Olympics… even the seemingly less popular Winter Olympics. I love seeing people achieve their life’s dreams. I’m all about the Opening and Closing Ceremonies and I’m a fan of watching most of the sports events. This year, I’m excited to check out the Slope-style Snowboarding even though Shaun White has decided not to compete.

This Olympics, I’m fascinated by the articles, tweets, and reports about the host city not being ready. Russia is already sort of an enigma, so seeing the event through the “eyes” of social media has been interesting.


Twitter seems to be the place to find all of the interesting commentary on hotels, event space, and other interesting happenings. I especially enjoyed this article wrangling all of the journalists live-tweeting their hotel experiences.

I’m cheering for USA all the way and am excited to watch new chapters of athletes’ lives unfold.

Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee


I’ll admit it right off the bat: I’m not a Seinfeld fan. Perhaps it’s because I didn’t have a television through most of the 90s, but mostly I think it’s because I could not stand the George Costanza character. So when I heard Seinfeld was starring in a web-series where the premise was inviting comedians to coffee and picking them up in vintage cars to drive to the coffee shop, I’ll admit I was a little “Meh” about it.


But then he interviewed Tina Fey. It’s probably no surprise that I’m a huge Tina Fey fan. I watched the episode and found it delightful. Most of all, I found Seinfeld to be a gracious host. He chooses a vehicle based on his guest, spends some quality time with them and asks interesting questions and actually lets them tell their stories. So many hosts interview celebs and either don’t let them finish their stories or interrupt to turn the story back to themselves.


I think my favorite part about the show is how funny Seinfeld finds his guests. He literally cracks up the entire show.  You can see by some of these episode stills just how funny he thinks his comedian colleagues are. I love how much fun they are having. Typically, they  have coffee at a local joint in the NY/NJ area (Bendix Diner from the Barry Marder episode is right down the street from my apartment) or in the LA area. They definitely aren’t visiting Starbucks, in fact, I’ve added a few must-try places to my NYC list based on this show.


Each episode is between 17 and 22 minutes – the same length of time as a network sitcom. You can find them on the Crackle channel on AppleTV and the Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee website.



My favorite episodes (besides the Tina Fey one) are the Ricky Gervais episode (I love how frightened he is of Seinfeld’s driving), Gad Elmaleh (a French comedian who voiced the Jerry’s Bee character in the French version of Bee Movie), and the Carl Reiner/Mel Brooks episode (classic old Hollywood stories).

Even if you’re not a cars, coffee, or comedy fan, give an episode a try. I’ll bet you’ll find it as charming as I did.


2014-02-03 16.02.19

This has been quite a winter for this recent Phoenix transplant. Though I lived in Philly for 11 years prior to moving to AZ, it’s still an adjustment. For example, what shoes do you wear when it rains? Not really a problem in a place where it only rains maybe 5 times a year (seriously). So, even though I’m loving the snow and thrilled to be working from home, I’m navigating new wardrobe decisions and digging up long-buried driving skills. No complaints from me, though. After spending what feels like five years of one continuous summer, I’m just happy to no longer be sweating! Let it snow!


January Finishes


January was a productive month!

  •  I completed three cross stitch projects: a wedding gift for a coworker, a quote from Mary Poppins, and a heart stitch sampler.
  • I bound three quilts that had been sitting in my studio for quite some time: a table runner, a quilt for my sister, and a quilt for myself.
  • I read two Rainbow Rowell books: Attachments and Eleanor & Park – both I highly recommend. They are YA Fiction, but very well written and entertaining!

Lots of snow days contributed to all this productivity, so we’ll see what February brings. I definitely have plenty of projects on deck that need to be finished.


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