I just whored myself out to Knitty and bought some goodies from their CafePress shop.

I bought the Yarn Ho armcooler baby tee:

and the I KNIT euro sticker:

I already have the pink I’d rather be knitting baby tee and people seem to be very interested in it. (or they’re interested in my breasts and using the slogan as a cover-up).

I really want all of the cool swag, but I am taking it slow. I might be a Knitty Whore, but I’m new at this, so cut me some slack.

Slide Show

Here is the Weekend Warrior in all its finished glory:


I am also able to post 2 photos of projects I finished earlier this summer:

The red one was a birthday gift for Jackie. Her birthday was in May, but I didn’t get a chance to see her until the Stitch & Bitch on Saturday. She named it “Stella the Snake” and I am so proud. 🙂

Nighttime Knitting

It’s been quite cool and breezy at night and with all the networks showing last season’s finales, I’ve been able to catch up on quite a few shows that I missed last May. I’ve also tackled some projects I’ve been wanting to start and finish.

This week’s progress:

Here is the first Seuss mitten. The star is duplicate stitched on the palm as sort of a little surprise to someone when you give a wave or hold out your hand for change. I love the bright blue and shock of yellow. Very “Star-bellied sneeches”. The second mitten is already knit, just needs the star sewn on and the side seamed. Should be finished with that tonight. (It’s not as wonky looking in real life as the picture suggests.)

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