I’ve Got Mail!

I finally got the last skein of yarn I needed for my fall hat. M-145 Spice Lamb’s Pride Worsted. Whew that was a tough one to track down. I got it from Y2Knit, since I saw on their website that they had it. It wasn’t in the Yarn Store at the Retreat, so I ordered it and it arrived today along with a refund check for $29.72 for some yarn that I paid for at the retreat but was out of stock! WHOO HOO!! I’ll save it for my next yarn buying blow out. My ‘Yarn Ho’ shirt and ‘I Knit’ sticker arrived yesterday, too.

I’ve given up on finding the missing yarn that I need. I ended up buying 3 skeins of a different baby yarn, so I’ll just start again. At least crocheting is faster for me than knitting.

I was putting some of my yarn labels into my knitting journal last night and noticed that the cotton I used to knit the purple evening bag was made in Greece. I’ll be heading to Greece on October 10th for 10 days… I wasn’t sure if it was worth it to look for yarn or fiber, but now I have proof that there is yarn to be found!!

I spent the day today at a Scrapbooking event to benefit the March of Dimes Babies in Need. It was from 9am-9pm in Ewing, NJ. Emmie was at the house before 8am and we were pulling into the community center at 9:08. I was impressed. I worked on my 2003 album and finished January through June. I haven’t done any scrapbooking since May, so it was nice to spend some time with my photos. I also won a $20 gift certificate to my local scrapbooking store which was a sponsor, so that was a bonus!

Knitting Blues

No time for knitting the past 2 nights. I’ll be home tonight to work on a few things. I’m starting to get a cold. Not happy about that, but I suppose it’s the price I pay for sleeping with the windows open. That chilly damp air has given me a bit of a sore throat. Tea and Echinacea for me.

Y2Knit Weekend Getaway

So where do I begin…

Friday I left at about noon to make my way to the Maryland/DC area. I was a bit nervous with all the storm warnings and kept hearing how Delaware and Pennsylvania were under Disaster Emergency status. People at work kept telling me that the borders would be closed. Despite that, I packed the car with projects, show & tell, yarn to swap and cash to purchase yarn and to pay for a massage.

The drive was easy. A bit more windy on the bridges than I would have liked, but the two handed white knuckle grip worked and I made it to Sanctuary in 3 hours and 15 minutes.

Susan Wolcott, the owner of Y2Knit, greeted me as I pulled up and helped me unload my car. She showed me around the living space (a converted convent) and brought me to my room in the guest house. I had signed up to share a room, but because there was so much space, I got a room to myself.

As soon as I was settled in, I joined the rest of the group already in knitting progress in the main sitting room.

There were, I think, nine other women knitting the most colorful and intricate items. I felt a bit overwhelmed, as I am a fairly new knitter. My saving grace was that I had taken a hot water bottle sweater to work on and everyone seemed surprised and very interested. I think I gave them hope that I wasn’t just a scarf girl. The first night was just a sort of get to know everyone sit & knit. A lot of people were delayed due to the storm.

Saturday morning I woke up at 8 and read for a while. I showered and got ready for the Nature Walk, but discovered it had been cancelled because of how wet it was outside. That was fine… more time to knit. I had some breakfast and set to work on an evening handbag for my sister for her birthday.

You can’t see much detail, but it was done in a purple cotton and Eros held together. The I-cord is done in just the cotton and the fringe is just Eros. Robbie seems to love it. (He actually loves the I-cord!)

I’m so proud, though, because in one of the workshops I learned to knit and purl continental and I did this purse using the continental style. It was all garter stitch, so I have perfected that. Now to work on purling.

I took 2 classes on Saturday both taught by Jill Wolcott, who is a knitwear designer.

Knitter’s Math gave me flashbacks of Algebra and Translating Ideas to Garment was great because I got to pull out all my odd balls of my stash and try to sort out what to do with it. I got some great ideas for shawls and scarves and a tanktop with some shaping that I can now do because of the Knitter’s Math class. I also had a mini lesson on short-rows which was a bit overwhelming but did manage to get the concept down.

In between classes I did a bit of shopping. I bought:

2 skeins of Fortissma self striping sock yarn and the Summer 2003 Knitter’s Magazine that has the pattern for a baby sweater in it. For as many babies that are being born next February/March, this will be a great little set to give. I’m excited to start it! And how I’m not subscribed to Knitter’s Magazine, I have no idea. I’m sending the subscription form tomorrow!

3 skeins of Noro Kureyon for the Booga J felted bag

More yarn to make more little evening bags. The red will probably be for Melissa for her birthday and the blue/green for my other sister, Beth, for Christmas. More continental knitting practice! These yarns are both by Berroco. The softwist is so lovely. I hope it is just as nice to work with.

I nearly skipped purchasing this because the sequined ball was $17. But I kept going back to it and touching it and putting it against other colors. I finally settled on the baby blue because someone else was knitting a swatch of it with the sequins. All weekend I kept saying “I need to do that ballerina scarf” and so now I will. Robbie seems to be doing some Ballerina stretches, too.

The schedule of classes vs the massage schedule was so that I didn’t have time to have a massage without missing something that I’d already paid for, so I substituted what I would have paid for a massage for yarn purchases. I didn’t actually break even, but I have some great projects lined up for fall & winter knitting.

I took a yoga class and then, before dinner, was a wine tasting. I had forgotten to bring a bottle of wine, but was happy to see someone brought a bottle of Shiraz. I sampled it along with the brie and apples.

We ate dinner, and I have to say, all the meals were spectacular. Healthy, fresh, tasty, wonderful.

After dinner, we gathered our finished items for Show & Tell. I brought my Weekend Warrior, Snake Scarves and Hot Water Bottle Sweater to show. They all were a big hit! I felt like a real knitter! When everyone was finished showing and telling, we put all of our unwanted yarn in the middle of the room and did a Yankee Swap. Since I was the youngest (by 10 years apparently) I got to go first. I chose this:

It’s so soft and the color is gorgeous. A luscious cream color.

No one stole the yarn from me in the swap and we got to go around again. This time I chose:

Not quite sure what I am going to do with this… maybe a triangle shawl.

More knitting after the swap and then off to bed.

I had lost my keys to my room and after 45 minutes of scrambling, waking people up, I got the correct spare key and settled in for the night. I ended up finding the key on Sunday morning at the bottom of one of my bags that I had already put in the car.

Sunday morning started with yoga at 8am. A bit early for me, but a nice way to start the day. Then breakfast and a whole day of knitting. We took a break for lunch and I finished up my shopping, packed up and headed out. It took about 3 ½ hours to get home. The weekend was a nice getaway. It was great to have so much time dedicated to knit. I’m really excited to start my new projects and to begin saving my cash for next year’s 5 day retreat in Vermont!

Blowing Over

Well the storm is blowing over, quite literally. It’s very windy here, but the sun is trying to make an appearance, peeking out behind clouds now and then.

At about 3:30 this morning Ken woke me to tell me that a huge branch missed hitting my car by about 3 feet. I think I said something like “Day-um” and rolled over to go back to sleep.

This weekend is the Knitting Getaway in Maryland. I’m all packed and have a bag of yarn for the yarn swap. I’m excited to be getting away for a bit. I am bringing the digi-cam, so I expect to post photos on Monday.

Stupid Girl

I didn’t get any knitting or crocheting done because I was so irritated by the fact that I’m out of the yarn I need to finish the baby blanket (well that and that Queer Eye for the Straight Guy was on and that demands my full attention).

The discontinued yarn in question is Red Heart (stop cringing this stuff is soft) Soft Baby Color 8004 Rainbow Twinkle.

I checked Michael’s, AC Moore and a few online places. No one has the color I need because 1 website reported that it is discontinued. If anyone has this color or can keep an eye out for it for me, this baby that I am making the blanket for will not be cold this winter. (see how I guilt you into doing my bidding?!)

Seriously, though… in your travels, if you happen to think “Rainbow Twinkle!” and you remember to check the yarn stash at your local craft stores, I would be ever so grateful and would be thrilled to pay for postage, the yarn, and for your trouble.

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