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Horseshoe Bend // Page, AZ

Last week, I was in Phoenix for work. Because it had been so long since I was last there, I bookended the work-week with two fun weekends. The first weekend was spent visiting all the stores and restaurants that I had been missing. The second weekend was a girls’ weekend that I had been planning since January.

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I’d always wanted to see Antelope Canyon but never made it north to do the tour when I lived there. Determined to make it happen, I asked all the girls in the office to join me on a little road trip. Five of them took me up on the offer. One of the spots that we checked out on our way to the canyons was Horseshoe Bend. It’s a part of the Grand Canyon where the Colorado River has carved out a horseshoe shape in the rock. It’s actually the most photographed spot in Arizona.

Here are a few photos that I took with my new Nikon 1 camera. I was pretty impressed with how great the photos came out with minimal processing. (I only adjusted the tone and made the last image black & white.)
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Fish Pedicure

One of the funniest things Cathy and I did in London was get a pedicure. But not just any kind of pedicure… a fish pedicure. We were checking out the antique stalls on Portobello Road and were both thinking that a drink and a little sit down to rest our feet sounded like a good idea. I’m not sure which of us spotted the Coco Nail Bar first but when I saw Cathy’s expression when she saw the fish tanks I knew we were in for a treat.

The premise is that you dip your feet into a shallow tank of water filled with “doctor fish” and they eat off the dead skin. The result is feet as smooth as a baby’s bottom feet.

This is the view when you are sitting with your feet in the water. The fish nibble at your soles, heels, between your toes, and the tops of your feet. It doesn’t hurt but it does tickle. Cathy had a harder time keeping her feet in the water. We thought maybe a cocktail might help.

People off the street popped in to ask us what we were doing and how it felt. A lot of guys were super curious and their ladies looked disgusted. I say if you have the chance, do it. You might LOVE it!


Street art in London, Paris, & Brussels

While we were on our Eurotrip, I was on the hunt for some crazy cool street art. I became fascinated with street art after watching Exit Through the Gift Shop. I knew Space Invader was huge in the Paris street art scene and I was hoping to spot one or two tile space invaders while we were there. I was excited to find out that he had just “invaded” Brussels earlier this year, so odds were high that I would catch a glimpse of at least one. I spotted about 3 or 4 in Paris and a handful in Brussels. There were also amazing spray painted murals, wheatpaste paper drawings, stencils and tons of stickers. Here is a smattering of street art that we spotted.







#Invader and other tile art

#Leo&Pipo #LOVEME



Tile art


Stencil art of Mannequin Pis

Tile art


Brussels 2012

After our three days in Paris, it was time to make our way to Belgium. We had two full days to explore Brussels. It was our first time there and we had heard from many people that two days would be more than enough to explore the city. When we arrived, we were surprised to realize that there was so much to see and do! We decided to do the Hop-on/Hop-off bus, which runs two completely different lines. We did the first line and spent our day eating waffles, checking out an outdoor market, sampling chocolate, browsing the Smurf museum and enjoying a marionette show of The Three Muskateers. On day two, we did the second line of the bus tour and stopped at the Atomium, Mannequin Pis, and then spent the rest of the day shopping and eating the lovely Belgian offerings before heading back to London to fly home. Check out some pictures!

Paris 2012

After three days in London, Cathy and I boarded the Eurostar and made our way through the Chunnel to Paris. It was her first time and my second, but I had only spent 8 hours there previously, so I was keen on seeing so many more things with three full days laid out ahead of us. We ended up ditching much of our scheduled agenda and decided to do the Hop-on/Hop-off touristy double decker red bus. Don’t laugh. It’s a GREAT way to see every. single. thing. We were able to do¬† everything on our list: Notre-Dame, the Eiffel Tower, the Arc de Triumph, Love Locks on the Pont des Arts bridge, the Louvre, macarons at Laudree, the Moulin Rouge, and on and on and on. Let me show you some pictures from the trip!

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