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March Finishes

February was filled with starts which meant that March was set up for tons of finishes… and finish I did!

Mar finishes

Top row: Baby quilt for a coworker, Floating Hearts quilt, charity baby quilt top made before the NJMQG March Madness event

Bottom Row: Wisteria Lane quilt for my sister, quilt I finished for Sooz, and I started and finished the book Sharp Objects by Gillian Flynn

I also finished three other baby quilt tops at March Madness, but didn’t get pictures of them – hopefully at the April meeting, I can grab a quick snap before they are finished and donated.



2014-02-15 16.20.06-2

It’s been crazy with snow here, so I’ve spent my weekends bundled up in my sewing studio putting quilts together. There is no shortage of half-started projects that need to be wrapped up. Thank goodness for winter!

2014-02-15 17.01.39-2

This beauty is a sampler of squares I received in a quilting bee on Flickr. It’s definitely one of my favorites!

2014-02-17 19.15.47-2

And here is a stack of quilt tops and backs all bundled up and ready to go to the longarmer. Can’t wait to get them back so I can bind them and move them into the cozy rotation!

January Finishes


January was a productive month!

  •  I completed three cross stitch projects: a wedding gift for a coworker, a quote from Mary Poppins, and a heart stitch sampler.
  • I bound three quilts that had been sitting in my studio for quite some time: a table runner, a quilt for my sister, and a quilt for myself.
  • I read two Rainbow Rowell books: Attachments and Eleanor & Park – both I highly recommend. They are YA Fiction, but very well written and entertaining!

Lots of snow days contributed to all this productivity, so we’ll see what February brings. I definitely have plenty of projects on deck that need to be finished.


Quilting Bees

It’s been a whirlwind first three months of 2013! I’ve either been traveleing or we’ve had company staying with us at Camp Stella. I’m definitely not complaining, it’s been a delight to be so busy with awesome stuff. But as life happens, things tend to get neglected… the kitchen floors, books I’m reading, this space here along with some future online projects that I’m working on. I did have a chance to do a little quilting when I joined a quilt square bee on Flickr. These are pretty cool groups if you are a quilter and are looking to challenge your skill-set. Some are set up where you choose a square and make the same square for the number of people in your “hive” using the color palette they’ve requested. I am in a bee like that and for the first quarter, I made granny squares for them. Here they all are right before I shipped them:

Then I made one for myself in my own color palette:

With any luck, I’ll receive 6 squares in my color palette that can be used to make a quilt. You can join as many hives as you like and each hive refreshes every three months. I think I’ll keep the same color palette for the next quarter giving me 12 of the same color-themed squares plus the two that I make.

If you are interested in joining a quilting bee, you can read about them and sign up here: Quilting Bees

Round Robin Quilt: An Update!

You might remember an on-going project I was working on with my quilty girls, Sooz, Danielle, and Cathy… the Round Robin quilt! We each created a center square and then each of us took a turn adding borders to the square until it made a full round.

I posted about the project here when it started and here when I finished Sooz’s borders.  Despite some delays, we are almost finished!

This is Danielle’s finished square. She did the center square, Sooz did the first black border and the red & white “thangles”, I did the second black border and friendship braid and Cathy did the white border and piano keys to finish it off. I love Danielle’s Red, Black, & White theme.

This is Sooz’s finished square. She started with the center made of yoyos and added the white border. I added the nine-patch border surrounding it. Cathy did the friendship braid and Danielle finished it with a square-in-a-square pattern. So lovely, right?

This is mine after the first round of borders that Cathy sewed. Danielle added to it, and I saw it in May, but I don’t have any pictures of it, oddly enough.

This weekend, I finally had the time to add borders to Cathy’s quilt. I just love her center square, called the Stacking Bookcase. The black really makes it pop! Her only “rule” was that our borders had to be monochromatic. Danielle added the green squares above and below the center square. Sooz added the blue rectangles with the triangles, I added the orange border and the red piano keys. I am loving this colorblocked look! It is so fab. I cannot wait to see how she finished this quilt!

Have you worked on any collaborative projects lately? Do you like to create alone or with others?

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