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Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee


I’ll admit it right off the bat: I’m not a Seinfeld fan. Perhaps it’s because I didn’t have a television through most of the 90s, but mostly I think it’s because I could not stand the George Costanza character. So when I heard Seinfeld was starring in a web-series where the premise was inviting comedians to coffee and picking them up in vintage cars to drive to the coffee shop, I’ll admit I was a little “Meh” about it.


But then he interviewed Tina Fey. It’s probably no surprise that I’m a huge Tina Fey fan. I watched the episode and found it delightful. Most of all, I found Seinfeld to be a gracious host. He chooses a vehicle based on his guest, spends some quality time with them and asks interesting questions and actually lets them tell their stories. So many hosts interview celebs and either don’t let them finish their stories or interrupt to turn the story back to themselves.


I think my favorite part about the show is how funny Seinfeld finds his guests. He literally cracks up the entire show.  You can see by some of these episode stills just how funny he thinks his comedian colleagues are. I love how much fun they are having. Typically, they  have coffee at a local joint in the NY/NJ area (Bendix Diner from the Barry Marder episode is right down the street from my apartment) or in the LA area. They definitely aren’t visiting Starbucks, in fact, I’ve added a few must-try places to my NYC list based on this show.


Each episode is between 17 and 22 minutes – the same length of time as a network sitcom. You can find them on the Crackle channel on AppleTV and the Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee website.



My favorite episodes (besides the Tina Fey one) are the Ricky Gervais episode (I love how frightened he is of Seinfeld’s driving), Gad Elmaleh (a French comedian who voiced the Jerry’s Bee character in the French version of Bee Movie), and the Carl Reiner/Mel Brooks episode (classic old Hollywood stories).

Even if you’re not a cars, coffee, or comedy fan, give an episode a try. I’ll bet you’ll find it as charming as I did.

Click Magazine

Have you heard of CLICK magazine? It’s a new bimonthly print magazine from Clickin Moms.

CLICK’s creative team includes Cameron Bishopp, former chief editor for Professional Photographer magazine and Lisa Thé, previously art director for Martha Stewart Weddings & Outside magazines and the first issue looks amazing! It features one of my favorite lifestyle photographers, Tara Whitney. Oh what I wouldn’t give to spend an hour with Tara just following her around watching her work. That didn’t sound creepy at all.

In any event, CLICK is offering 50% off subscriptions (digital and print) for a limited time. Sign up here to get first dibs on the premiere issue! I’m signing up to get mine now!

Links: Video

Today seems to be chock full of informative and funny videos! Here are a few I’ve found in my internet travels:

– Peter Hurley discusses the importance of accentuating the jawline when taking portraits of people
via Scott Kelby

– London telephone boxes become artwork
via BBC News

– 2 Girls, 2 Shirts on Portlandia

– This week is the Downton Abbey Christmas Special. Here’s a sneak peek at the episode.

And as a bonus, here are links to two lists worth bookmarking:

– 100 things to do in Phoenix
via LA Times

– 100 Greatest Books for Kids
via Scholastic

Links: Valentine’s Day edition

Links: an assortment of web goodies

Here are some cool things I’ve found around the internet this week:

Ruth Reichl’s Better Brownies

14 days of self-love by self-portrait photographer, Vivienne McMaster

How to pose subjects during their portrait sessions by Jasmine Star

SNL’s take on Downton Abbey. This cracks me up every time I watch it.

Didn’t make it to AltSummit this year? They now offer online classes. I’m psyched to take the photography ones!

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