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Knitting: Wooly Caterpillar Scarf

It’s not uncommon for me to have a knitting project going at home and one for work. For the past three months or so, I have been spending my lunch hour knitting on a scarf loosely called The Wooly Caterpillar. I first spotted it at a knitshop in the Philadelphia area when I was visiting last Thanksgiving. When I saw it, I knew it would be a great stashbuster since I had all of the yarn needed for the project.

This is kind of what it will look like when it’s finished:

photo of 9color kidsilk haze scarf from nina chicago

Mine will be a little different since I am using a completely different color palette and my stripes are only 4-inches. Here it is when I first started it:

The yarn is Kid Silk Haze. I am using nine different colors. (Actually, I just found a stray ball of bright blue that I might add after the green.) The pattern is as follows: Cast on 100 stitches on size 8 needles. Attach without twisting. Knit in the round until stripes are the length you want. You can mix it up and make the stripes different lengths and intermix the colors differently. There really aren’t any rules.

I’ve spent about an hour a day knitting it four days a week (we have a team lunch on Fridays, so I don’t usually knit then) and here is my progress as of the beginning of September:

Once I am finished knitting each color once, I’ll repeat them again. The scarf should be long enough that I can wrap it a few times around my neck. It is so soft and fluffy and is a great, mindless knitting pattern which is perfect for sitting and chatting at lunch.

Knitting: Clapotis

Way back in the early 2000s, I was a knitting fiend. I started a knitting group called The Phillyknitters (which is still going strong!).  I worked part-time at the knitting shop around the corner from my house in Philly. My stash was ridiculous since I got paid in yarn. And I always had at least five projects on the go. It’s no surprise that a lot of them fell by the wayside because of my “Knitters ADD.” I wanted to knit EVERYTHING!!

Turn the clock ahead to 2011.
When I broke my ankle, I was stuck doing a lot of sitting. Once I was off the Percocet, I needed something to do during all of that sitting. Enter a bunch of half-knitted projects. I had my guy help me locate all of the projects in my studio closet and I went through each of them deciding if I should continue working on them or rip them out. I ripped out four projects and rewound the yarn to be used for other projects.

One of the projects I found was the long discarded Clapotis from the online knitting magazine, Knitty. The printout of the pattern was dated February 2005. At that time, all of the knitters were making a Clapotis! There were blog posts and knitalongs and websites dedicated to the Clapotis! And I started one!! And never finished it. Until now. I picked it back up and knit the heck out of it.

This is what it looked like when I rediscovered it:

And here is the blog post I made when I first started it!

Here it is, six years later, nearly finished:

It’s funny. When I started to drop the stitches, I could actually see where the yarn had been knit so long ago. Check it out in this close-up.

The top part, where the dropped-stitch ladders are straight, is new knitting. The section at the bottom, where the ladders are half moons, is the result of the yarn being held hostage for six years! I am hoping it will relax a little with some light blocking when I am finished knitting it.

I am excited to finish this project and move on to another stashbuster! Hooray for knitting!

What have you rediscovered lately? Are there any crafts or hobbies that you have that you haven’t done in a while?

NEW! UrbanHeritage Felted Totes

I’m so excited to introduce my new line of Felted Totebags. It’s called UrbanHeritage. Heritage refers to the handknit process of creating the bag. The handles are made from metal, aluminum, and plastic which gives them an urban, industrial feel. Here are the first four bags that are on etsy at the moment. To purchase any of these lovelies, click the link under the image.

UrbanHeritage Hot Lava Tote: $50

UrbanHeritage Blush Tote: $40

UrbanHeritage A Touch of Teal Tote: $40

UrbanHeritage Orange Sherbet Tote: $40

Found: Knitting mojo

After a quick email exchange with Emmie about the long-forgotton B.O.B sweater (pattern on Ravelry), I decided to dig it out from the bottom of my studio closet. (I’m still pretty incapacitated with my broken ankle, so by “I decided to dig it out…” I mean I asked my guy to dig it out for me while I directed him to where I thought it might be and then had him open every bag while I said, “no, that’s not it”; “nope, not that one”; “no…” ad nauseum until he found the right one.)

Brilliantly, I had more completed than I originally thought and as soon as I took a look at the instructions, I immediately knew why I stopped and put it down. It’s time to attach the sleeves. So. Here I am with a half knit sweater and, as Joey from Friends would say, I put it in the freezer. Tomorrow, I’ll bring it to work and have one of the knitting ladies look it over with me and make sure I attach the sleeves properly. She has knit loads more sweaters than I have so I think her advice will be well heeded.

Instead of working on B.O.B, I found another unfinished project in my knitting bag, one of the squares for my Manos blanket. I ended up working on that while watching the BBC/Masterpiece Mystery series Sherlock (I initially watched it in a Percocet induced haze after my ankle surgery and wanted to rewatch it with my guy so he could enjoy it too) and finished the square to add to the others. I think I only have 2 more to finish before I sew it up into a blanket. Hurrah!

Up next, I’ll recap my ankle drama and share some pictures from my Alaskan cruise which I went on 1 week after surgery!

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