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Favorite {Photo} Friday #47: Shadow Puppet Attack!


Earlier in the week, I went to SMOCA (Scotsdale Museum of Contemporary Art) to check out the William Wegman exhibit, you know, the guy who photographs Weimaraner dogs in various scenes. While there, I was excited to see Looking Through the Other End of a Telescope an exhibit consisting of four
installations by artists Jon Fisher & Jeff Shore, Aaron Rothman,
Mungo Thomson and Jennifer West that experiment with the process of
creating and presenting moving imagery.

The Jennifer West exhibit was the most fun, with 5 projectors around the room and altered filmstrips running through them on a loop. We were invited to walk through the room catching our shadows on the screens. This is a shot of Jennifer in front of one projector and Alan making hand puppet monsters ready to attack her. There were a few kids in the exhibit space with us who thought it was the funniest thing ever!

Favorite {Photo} Friday #46: Blueprint


This Sunday is my absolute favorite PhillyMINI rally, the PhillyMINI Meet. On average, the event hosts 65 MINI and draws Motorers from three states away. I'm not able to fly back to Philly this weekend to attend PMMo9, but am looking forward to checking out everyone's' photos and hearing stories from the event. 

The photo above is from PMMo7 at the rally start. The Philadelphia Art Museum was undergoing some renovations. To hide the mess, the museum disguised it with a tarp of a "blueprint" of the museum front. I thought it was such a fabulous and clever way to make an otherwise eyesore look pretty cool.

Favorite {Photo} Friday #44: Bumble Bees.


I spent some of last weekend sorting and printing photos to hang in my house when I found this shot.
I took this picture at the Eastman Kodak Museum on my way to Toronto ages and ages ago. There are really beautiful gardens behind the museum that are just lovely to walk through. 
I love those big fat bumble bees, too!

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