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I need more yarn like I need a hole in the head

But alas, I still keep buying… maybe I already *have* a hole in my head that prevents me from remembering all the projects I have on my “to do” list the minute I walk into a Yarn Shop.

I went to the Tangled Web on Friday and bought 2 balls of yarn that I already knew I was going to get.

This is for the Seuss mittens I am making. electric blue with a yellow star on the palm. I’m very excited to start these! Depending on how well they come out, I’ll probably make a few pair for some friends.

These are 3 of the 4 colors for the fall hat to match my fall mittens and scarf. It’s been a real challenge to find the same 4 colors in worsted weight. I did the scarf and mittens in bulky. I know I could have easily ordered all 4 colors from a website, but this scavenger hunt gave me the excuse to keep going into yarn stores. 🙂

I can never pass up a bargain… I found the 30% off shelf. There was a TON of Noro Shinano, so I bought 3 balls of it for a small tote bag. I was thinking I could make the BoogaJ Felted Bag but when I got home to print the pattern I realized it uses Noro Kureyon, not Shinano. Shinano has silk in it and probably won’t felt. So I’ll just make a knitted tote and skip the felting. No biggie.

I do have 1 sleeve on the Weekend Warrior and will probably finish it up tonight. I got a lot of great help from Diana at the Tangled Web who is like the queen of seaming.

I promise to post pictures when I finish!!

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