January 2015 archive

Happy New Year!

2015-01-01 00.00.19-1

Hello! Happy New Year to you and yours! Remember this list:
2014-01-16 10.48.40

Welp. I crossed a few things off it in 2014! Not all, but some! It was a very exciting year.
1. I did jumpstart my blog by changing the layout and design, but I didn’t post as often as I would have liked. I am not going to beat myself up about it, but hopefully I can at least post once a week in 2015. We’ll see how that goes.

2. I also found a neighborhood I love! I fell in love with Montclair, NJ. It is a sweet little town with a great community vibe. There’s a “main street” with shops & restaurants, a movie theater, art museum and an awesome quilt shop where the North Jersey Modern Quilt Guild meets! Perfect!

3. I bought a house! Montclair was a bit out of my pricerange, but the town right next to it is adorable and I happened to find and buy a house before my apartment lease expired. I can’t believe it’s mine! Here’s a peek at the outside:

2014-09-15 12.05.03-2

4. I did not work on my Project Life albums AT ALL. I did do a lot of quilting and stitching in 2014, but no scrapbooking. I don’t forsee any happening in 2015 either, so…

5. I didn’t quite make one trip per month to NYC but I did make regular trips into the city to see a couple of shows, sightsee, take pictures, and shop. It will be much easier to get in and out of the city now that I live down the street from a train station.

6. I did make it to Ireland with my mum. We had a great time touring the countryside and spending time in Dublin. You can see some photos from the trip here.

7. Photograph more with my Nikon – well… it’s hard to lug around a camera when the iPhone takes such great pictures. I got the iPhone 6 this year and, well, the Nikon is gathering dust on the shelf…

So it seems I did pretty well in 2014. There were tons of adventures and big life decisions. It was a good year. Looking forward to making an intentions/goals list for 2015 and seeing where the year takes me. Happy New Year everyone.