20 Things {I’m grateful for} | Days 5, 6, 7


I spent most of my weekend away from the computer- by choice. I spend so much time in front of it during the week it sort of becomes an addiction. I got so much more accomplished this weekend when I just turned it off and went on with life.

So, because of that, I didn't post my gratitude lists for Friday, Saturday and Sunday. I did keep notes, though, and here they are!

On Friday, I was grateful for:
1. it's Friday!
2. 2 whole days stretched out before me
3. the endless possibilities
4. a huge MINI tote filled with MINI goodies from the boss
5. leaving work before the sun set
6. a full tank of gas
7. new music to listen to
8. keeping up with the PhillyMINI people via the forums
9. Ikea's self serve furniture area
10. cheap next day delivery service from IKEA
11. frozen yogurt
12. gmail chat
13. NPR
14. a text message from my sister
15. fresh veggies
16. going through all my crafty supplies while unpacking them
17. Pushing Daisies on TiVo
18. my cooking skillz
19. finding my clock radio that I thought I gave away when I was packing
20. a new Phoenix Magazine

On Saturday I was grateful for:
1. 9am sofa delivery
2. no assembly necessary on my sofa
3. washable slip covers
4. freecycling my 3rd batch of empty moving boxes
5. earl grey tea
6. filtered water
7. finding 2 pieces of pyrex at goodwill!!
8. sale at Pier 1
9. having a little extra $$ to buy supplies to teach new people to knit
10. a postcard of Gee's Bend Quilts from Danielle!
11. despite Cameron Diaz's overacting, really enjoying the movie The Holiday
12. not having Mike Rowe's job (Dirty Jobs)
13. lemons on my lemon tree
14. fresh basil
15. a photo txt from Emmie of my old 'hood
16. easy returns at TJMaxx
17. new spare keys
18. the funny guy at the key cutting counter who gave me a rundown of the different moods he likes to achieve from Good, to Great to Awesome to Dumbfounded! HA!
19. finding the scrapbooking store and making friends with the lady who works there
20. signing up for a crop next saturday

Sunday I was grateful for:
1. sleeping in
2. trash tv
3. a new season of Dr Who on BBCa
4. finishing my Advent Calendar swap
5. glitter!
6. clean laundry
7. a clean garage
8. empty luggage
9. clouds and wind! it was neat to see some different weather after a month of sun!
10. fuzzy slippers
11. garbage disposal
12. fresh mozzarella
13. a stack of new (to me) books to read
14. 007
15. claritin
16. a huge recycling bin for all the cardboard my sofa came wrapped in
17. homemade ice cream
18. sun tea!
19. empty frames for newly printed photos
20. grommets!

Did you finish the week of being grateful? Share the link to your lists in the comments!

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  1. jilliene
    November 10, 2008 at 5:28 pm (9 years ago)

    I’m grateful that you are sharing this amazing adventure you are on with us! I am so living vicarious through you that I look forward to your next gratitude list just to see what good things came your way since the last one!


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